fulvic-minerals-2Fulvic acids is one of the elements found on humus soil which is a product of microorganisms decomposing plant matters. These fulvic acids are needed by plants to do their assimilation process of the minerals and nutrients. It activate the soil’s nutrients so it can be absorbed by the cell of plants. Fulvic acid are water soluble and also an organic natural electrolyte that can balance and energize any biological properties it comes into contact with including plants, animals and humans cells.

Fulvic acid known to be a powerful organic natural electrolyte, which can put the cell life into a balance. Restored individual cell chemical balance will also turn its electrical potential into balance which activate and reconstruct the cells into a healthier state.

Fulvic acid also has free radicals which behave as electron donors or acceptors, depending on the situation. In this case, fulvic acid can also act as oxidation-reduction agents or also well known as antioxidants which may prevent or delay some types of cell damage.

Due to the nature of fulvic acid which is actively dissolving minerals and metals on the soil, it can also help enhancing the availability and absorbability of the nutrients by the cells. Fulvic acid also makes the transportation of the nutrients easier. The low molecular weight and size of the fulvic acid increase the assimilation of nutrients through the cell membranes and since fulvic acid has the ability to complex, synthesize or transmutates minerals and metals – it can help the absorbtion of trace minerals which catalyzes vitamins to perform properly.